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Endocrinology and Thyroid
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About us

When you are confronted with diabetes, hormone imbalances, thyroid disorders or other issues related to the endocrine system, you need a provider who can quickly understand your symptoms and make an accurate diagnosis. That is exactly what you get at Novant Health Endocrinology and Thyroid in Huntersville. Our team is dedicated to uncovering the root of your issues and providing you with the tools to lead as healthy a life as possible. Whether your endocrine or thyroid problem needs lifestyle changes, treatment with medication or surgery, Novant Health Endocrinology and Thyroid is here for you.

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Diabetes care

Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar, which can lead to health issues if left untreated.

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Thyroid disorders

The thyroid is located in the neck just above the collarbone. It helps control metabolism and calcium levels in the body.

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Tests & procedures

The first step in diagnosing an endocrine or thyroid problem is often a simple test or procedure done in our office.

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Pituitary & adrenal disorders

The pituitary is a small gland at the base of the skull. Adrenal glands are small and on top of each kidney.

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